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Australian businesses have been confronted with multiple security and connectivity challenges during the transition from office work to a hybrid work environment.

Organisations must now prioritise secure access from any location to any application, while maintaining consistent security policies and authenticating access to confidential information and corporate systems more than ever before.

Many of today’s modern networks rely on static and non-dynamic firewall policies to dictate what, when, and how devices and users can access corporate network infrastructure, commonly relying on manual identification and authentication.

Please join us for our three-part series as Wavelink delves into Fortinet’s Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) offerings and how to integrate them into your organisation. 

Part two delves into how Fortinet’s ZTNA solution can help organisations meet today’s heightened security requirements while ensuring users are authenticated and verified before they are allowed to access applications.

This session is suitable for a sales and management audience.

Event agenda:

  • current and evolving threat landscape affecting internal segmentation and application access
  • Fortinet’s ZTNA solution and components
  • how Fortinet’s ZTNA solution works
  • key features of Fortinet’s ZTNA solution for internal segmentation
  • Fortinet ZTNA ordering options, licences, and stock-keeping units (SKUs)
  • where to find further details
  • Q&A.

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You’ll hear from:

Kieran O’Brien, Wavelink Fortinet enablement lead

Kieran is Wavelink’s Fortinet enablement lead with more than five years of experience in the IT industry and technical sales. Kieran is Ekahau-certified and is building his Wi-Fi expertise while developing his specialty in the SMB market and secure brand solution.
brendon Schodel Brendon Schodel, Wavelink Fortinet pre-sales engineer

Brendon has spent the last eight years in the industry, focusing on integration with Fortinet and other technologies. He has a proven track record delivering high-end solutions from data centres to SMBs. Brendon’s focus is to connect with and empower Fortinet partners by mentoring and delivering enablement and training as well as assisting Wavelink partners to be the best version of themselves in a competitive market.