With the advent of the Internet of Things, the real world and digital world are blending. There is now an extraordinary amount of real-time sensory information available to information systems – speech, movement, time, absolute location, physical proximity, temperature, to name just a few.

Our CONNECTED WORKFORCE PLATFORM has been engineered to provide valuable real-world outcomes for workforce safety, security, workforce enablement and operational enhancement by levering investments in smarter IT infrastructure.

Wavelink is a proud Olinqua partner.

Wavelink (Spectralink) is a key component of our customer offering (DECT) and as such, needs to be backed by solid, reliable service. Wavelink has not let us down.
“Alicia is fantastic, nothing is ever too much trouble, she is here when we need her and just gets it done... she is the only disti who always gets it right. She comes with a plan and then executes.”
EVERY member of the team we have dealt with has been professional and exceeded expectations”

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