November 30, 2022 – Wavelink, a leading distributor of connected healthcare solutions, has signed a distribution partnership with Scandit, the leader in smart data capture solutions.

The Scandit Smart Data Capture platform enables smart devices, such as smartphones or robots, to interact with physical items by capturing data from barcodes, text, and IDs. When used in the healthcare industry, Scandit technology gives healthcare professionals and organisations the power to advance patient safety and improve compliance and staff efficiencies through modernising and digitising operations.

The healthcare industry is under financial and workforce pressures, and healthcare leaders are seeking ways to improve workflow efficiencies, reduce costs, and boost productivity, all while maintaining positive patient and employee experiences. Introducing Scandit Smart Data Capture solutions can automate workflows, securely speeding up nursing processes.

Healthcare staff using Scandit technology can access and track medical records in real time by scanning information on patient wristbands, specimens, and medical supplies with unmatched speed, accuracy, and intelligence. Scandit’s scanning technology can be installed on any smart device, including purpose-built smartphones such as Spectralink Versity devices. Scandit’s barcode scanning software can scan up to three times faster than dedicated scanning devices, even in low light, difficult angles, and with damaged labels.

Ilan Rubin, CEO, Wavelink, said, “Wavelink is excited to partner with Scandit for smarter, faster, and more accurate data capture. As the future of healthcare becomes even more digital, a smart data capture platform is essential and will deliver vast workflow improvements to aged care and hospital work. Ultimately, the less time healthcare workers have to spend capturing and managing data, the more time they can spend acting on that data and delivering excellent patient experiences.”

Paul Davis, vice president of sales APAC, Scandit, said, “Healthcare professionals have not spent years in education and training only to become hampered by slow, manual processes or cumbersome, outdated equipment. Adding smart devices equipped with Scandit Smart Data Capture to healthcare workflows empowers and helps to retain staff, while ensuring optimal patient outcomes. It also allows healthcare organisations to demonstrate to employees just how much they value their time and expertise.”

Healthcare workers are regularly scanning information throughout a shift, whether for patient admission, medication delivery, or specimen tracking. Often, their uniforms are weighed down with multiple devices while having to push workstations on wheels to complete the required tasks every shift. Using smartphone-based barcode scanning is a simple and effective way to make healthcare staff more mobile while consolidating multiple existing devices. Workers have less to track and carry and can focus on what’s truly important: one-to-one patient care.

There are other benefits to high-performance scanning software. For example, Scandit technology lets hospital staff scan medication barcodes in low light or at angles while their patient sleeps. Scandit can also seamlessly integrate with leading electronic health record platforms, ensuring efficient and accurate data capture directly to the hospital record system.

Ilan Rubin said, “The Scandit Smart Data Capture solution provides innovation that delivers significant cost savings, can help increase employee retention, and delivers a better patient or resident experience. Partnering with Scandit was a clear choice for Wavelink, especially given Scandit’s seamless integration with the Spectralink Versity smartphones, which Wavelink has distributed for many years. For healthcare workers, scanning hardware needs to do more than just scan. Workers need a consolidated smartphone device, which is what the combination of Scandit and Spectralink Versity helps to achieve.”

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