Wavelink Mobility Partner Program Frequently Asked Questions

Wavelink Mobility Partner Program Frequently Asked Questions2021-06-15T11:51:39+10:00

Program Summary

What is the Wavelink Mobility Partner Program?2021-06-21T11:08:57+10:00

This is a dedicated program for Wavelink’s partners that are selling Wavelink’s mobility solutions. 

What are the eligibility criteria for the Wavelink Mobility Partner Program?2021-06-21T11:09:43+10:00

To be eligible for Wavelink’s Mobility Partner Program, you must meet the minimum criteria.  

 We have a number of partners that might not meet certain criteria to participate in this program, we would like to build this into their roadmap. If this is the case, we strongly suggest you reach out to the relevant Wavelink representative so we can work on a plan to help you become ready, or if you are new to Wavelink, submit your details here and a member of the team will reach out to discuss.

Can I apply or is it invite only?2021-06-21T12:39:48+10:00

Our Wavelink Mobility Partner Program is open for all Wavelink partners who meet certification and revenue milestones. You can view those requirements here.

 If you are new to Wavelink and keen to be a part of the program, submit your details here to express interest in becoming a Wavelink partner and a member of the team will contact you back shortly. 

What is the difference between what I am on now compared to the new partner programs?2021-06-15T11:02:11+10:00

This is new, our Wavelink Mobility Partner Program is not just about discounts but rather how we can help you make money, save money, and support you with the right tools you will need to grow and increase your market share.   

As a result of this, you’ll be offered additional value in other areas of the business outside of discounts. 

Our program will: 

  • Have more emphasis on certifications 
  • Support for specialisations  
  • Allow Deal registration 
  • Distribute lead referrals  
  • Improve tech support 
  • Introduce a dedicated marketing team, supported by the right back end engines such as Marketo 


What are the full benefits of the Mobility Partner Program for me?2021-06-15T11:02:21+10:00

 A relationship is not just about discounts, it is about understanding your business and providing the right tools to grow together. 

Tools for enablement and capability to be more relevant with your partners and a relationship with Wavelink of trust and value.  

This program will enable:

  • You to grow  
  • To be more relevant with your customer base 
  • You to be more informed, capable and empowered 

Tier Updates

How do I know which tier I’m in?2021-06-15T11:03:49+10:00

You would have received a confirmation email advising you of your tier. Should you need to confirm this, please reach out to your local Wavelink representative 

How are tiers calculated?2021-06-21T12:28:18+10:00

Our Wavelink Mobility Partner Program is defined through revenue and certifications. More information on what these are can be found here.

How can I move up or down a tier?2021-06-21T11:36:15+10:00

As there are set criteria for revenue and certifications, depending on whether you hit these thresholds will depend on if you move up or down a tier. 

We’ll be checking in with you every 6 months and tier changes can occur every 12 months.

Program Special Features

Will there be more features coming in the partner program?2021-06-15T11:06:58+10:00

This program was designed with you in mind and we will be reviewing all programs every 12 months, but checking in with you every 6 months. 

Can I get special pricing outside of my tier level?2021-06-15T11:07:22+10:00

If you have specific needs for pricing (high volume sales, tenders, deal registration, large projects, for instance) please contact us directly through your dedicated Wavelink representative. 

If my certified engineer moves on, how long will Wavelink give me to meet the minimum tier requirements?2021-06-15T11:07:33+10:00

Should one of your certified engineers move on, we’ll have a grace period of 3 months or your next program renew period, whichever comes later. 

Reseller Agreement

Why does the reseller have no ability to bind Wavelink to agreements, warranties or representations with or to a third party? (clause 3.1)2021-06-15T11:43:42+10:00

The Reseller may enter into sales agreements/contracts with third parties (customers) to sell the Products to customers. Wavelink are not a party to these agreements/contracts and are not contractually bound to such agreements/contracts and the Reseller cannot represent to the customers that Wavelink is bound

Wavelink can only be bound to the provisions in the Reseller Agreement.  

For example, if the Reseller sells 10 Products, but Wavelink only have 8 in stock, Wavelink are not bound by the Reseller’s sale (however clause 4.2 of the Reseller Agreement sets out that Wavelink must use good faith to fulfill all orders). 

What are third party licence agreements and why do resellers need to be bound by them? (clause 6)2021-06-15T11:44:18+10:00

If Wavelink supplies Products that contain third party software that has its own applicable licence agreements/terms and conditions (ie Microsoft programs will have their own licence agreement), the Reseller (and in turn its customers) must agree to be bound by such third party terms and conditions as the use of such products is dependant on the terms being complied with.   

Why does the risk of damage or loss of products pass to the reseller on delivery? (clause 8)2021-06-15T11:44:50+10:00

In order to avoid disputes, it is important to set out when the risk of damage or loss regarding the Products will pass to the Reseller – in this case, upon delivery.  

The Reseller cannot expect Wavelink to be responsible for Products in the Reseller’s possession, much like the Reseller won’t be responsible for the Products once in the customer’s possession.  

Wavelink will retain a security interest in the Products until such time that it receives payment in full. The Reseller should have appropriate insurance.  

Why are indemnities required? (clause 14)2021-06-15T11:45:22+10:00

Wavelink are not responsible for the actions or omissions of the Reseller (or vice versa). If there are not appropriate indemnity clauses, either party could be unfairly held responsible for losses that are out of their control.  

This Agreement provides for mutual indemnity clauses, whereby each party indemnifies the other party against loss incurred or sustained by their negligent or wilful acts or omissions (but not if the other party failed to perform its obligations under the Agreement).  

Clause 14.5 limits the Reseller’s indemnity.  

 The indemnity provisions will survive termination of the Agreement so if a party incurs a loss etc as a result of the other party, after the Agreement is terminated, that party can still rely on this clause.  

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