Wavelink, a leader in providing enterprise solutions to the channel, has announced a new distribution agreement with Orca Security, the pioneer of agentless cloud security.  Wavelink is distributing Orca Security’s agentless-first cloud security platform, offering customers an alternative to agent-based solutions in order to deliver improved cloud visibility, risk management, and compliance.

As organisations fast-track digital transformation initiatives, moving more operations to the cloud, there is a need for comprehensive technology that not only delivers compliance but improved visibility into cloud risks. Orca Security’s agentless-first platform deploys in minutes, without causing production hits on live environments. With full-stack, deep visibility into Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure through a cloud native application protection platform (CNAPP), Orca Security delivers comprehensive cloud security via a single, unified experience. This eliminates the need for organisations to rely on disparate products for cloud workload and data protection, cloud security posture management (CSPM), compliance, or vulnerability management.

Orca Security’s platform streamlines security processes, reducing operational costs and mean time to remediation (MTTR). For customers, this means a more robust, efficient security framework that enhances protection against evolving threats, ensuring their cloud assets and data remain secure. This comprehensive approach to cloud security makes it an invaluable addition to any technology portfolio, offering greater peace of mind and resilience in the face of cybersecurity challenges.

Raf Chiodo, chief revenue officer, Orca Security, said, “Cloud estates are complex, amorphous, and dynamic so any security solution needs to be agile and provide full visibility into cloud-specific threats. That means a dynamic platform that deploys in minutes, doesn’t rely on agents, and delivers insight via a single pane of glass to uncover cloud vulnerabilities, maintain compliance, and understand what attack paths represent the greatest business risk. Orca Security is excited to partner with Wavelink to expand its footprint and help more organisations securely embrace the cloud and extract full value from their cloud investments.”

Ilan Rubin, chief executive officer, Wavelink, said, “Wavelink is proud to partner with Orca Security to deliver this innovative solution to customers. Integrating Orca Security’s comprehensive agentless platform into its portfolio provides Wavelink’s customers with unparalleled visibility and control over their cloud environments for enhanced security, and optimised cloud usage for better performance and cost-effectiveness. This partnership reflects Wavelink’s unwavering commitment to give its customers access to the most advanced and comprehensive solutions to meet their evolving needs.”

About Orca Security

Orca Security is the pioneer of agentless cloud security that is trusted by hundreds of enterprises globally. Orca makes cloud security possible for enterprises moving to and scaling in the cloud with its patented SideScanning™ technology and Unified Data Model. The Orca Cloud Security Platform delivers the world’s most comprehensive coverage and visibility of all risks across the cloud. With continuous first-to-market innovations and expertise, the Orca Platform ensures security teams quickly identify and remediate risks to keep their businesses secure.

About Wavelink

Wavelink specialises in providing leading-edge enterprise solutions to the channel. Wavelink distributes a range of products from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Fortinet, Imprivata, Kontakt.io, Mobicall, Olinqua, Orca Security, SOTI, Scandit, Spectralink, and Stryker. For more information, please contact Wavelink on 1300 147 000.