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Complete your Spectralink Versity certification with in-person technical training from Wavelink

Wavelink’s two-day course will include information about installation, available support, and maintenance services. We will also provide assistance with technical queries and best practices with project deployments. 

By attending, you will:  

  • undergo training
  • receive assistance to take the Spectralink exam
  • receive Spectralink Versity certification (if successful).

Training sessions are open to any authorised Spectralink Wavelink partner interested in obtaining Spectralink Versity technical certification. 

Attendees must complete the online Versity courseware on the Spectralink portal BEFORE attending the in-person sessions. Please allow a minimum of 3.5 hours to complete the Versity online video modules. Partners do not need to complete the Spectralink exams on the online portal as Wavelink will provide assistance during the training to complete the exam in class.  

A registration fee of AU$500 will be refunded for all partners who attend the face-to-face sessions and successfully complete the certification exam in class. Those who register but don’t attend all sessions, or don’t pass the certification exam, are ineligible for a refund. 

What if I am unable to attend the scheduled courses?

For those who are unable to attend the course on the selected dates, Wavelink offers free online training via the Spectralink portal. This offers courseware and certification for Versity, DECT, and 8400 training.

Please complete the form below and, for Certification Training Date, select “Online only” to receive your Spectralink Portal login credentials.

Session details

Melbourne Adelaide

Course information

  • program consists of face-to-face sessions involving training and exam
  • training sessions will be held over two days
  • learn how to install, support, service, and maintain Spectralink Versity
  • spaces are strictly limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Register your interest below for the upcoming training session.

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Partners must register their interest through the form and select appropriate location, dates, and level of experience. Registration is mandatory to take part in the training session. Spots are strictly limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Partners will receive a pro-forma invoice of $500 inc. GST per attendee registration. The registration fee of $500 will be credited once the partner has attended the face-to-face session and has successfully completed the certification exam in class. Partners who register but do not attend the session will not be eligible for the $500 refund. Before attending the training, it is mandatory for partners to complete the Versity courseware on the Spectralink portal. Travel to the session venue before the start of the event will be undertaken at the sole discretion of the partner taking into consideration other commitments. If the partner is unable to attend the session, a replacement delegate may be sent in your place at no extra charge. Wavelink reserves the right to change/cancel scheduled dates for any reason and shall notify the partner of the cancellation as soon as possible. Wavelink reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without notice.