5 August 2020

With Stage 4 restrictions coming into effect in Victoria at midnight tonight, we would like to provide an update to all resellers about our warehouse operations, which are based in Melbourne. Wavelink distributes equipment and services necessary for the operations of critical functions, including the healthcare industry. As such, we are able to continue operations and our warehouse will continue to operate as normal during this phase. We are not currently aware of freight or distribution services being impacted by these restrictions, so are assuming that deliveries will continue at levels we have experienced over the last few months. We will advise of any further updates as they come to hand.

10 July 2020

With the reimposition of COVID-related restrictions to Greater Melbourne yesterday, we have been fielding questions about any potential impacts on Wavelink’s operations. We are pleased to advise that we do not currently anticipate any additional impacts on our ability to get stock into the country or to ship stock around the country by road or air. As previously advised, most of our “overnight” shipments are travelling by air with an estimated 24-48 hour delivery window (depending on aircraft capacity). We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as required.

22 April 2020

We are pleased to advise that as more domestic flights have resumed operations, more freight will be able to move by air rather than via road/rail/sea. While our carriers are not able to guarantee next day delivery, many more of our previously “overnight” shipments will travel by air with an estimated 24-48 hour delivery window (depending on aircraft capacity).

8 April 2020

We are pleased to advise that it is full steam ahead at Wavelink. We are still facing the domestic and international shipping challenges outlined previously, but in general we are holding very healthy levels of stock.

We are also fully staffed, so we are here to help. If you need assistance with a quote, an order or a support issue, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We have been assisting key partners with critical hospital upgrades with extremely short turnarounds and we will pull out all the stops to do whatever is required in those circumstances.

Please also remember that our webstore is a great self-service tool, enabling you to see current stock status, live pricing, quote creation, order submission etc.

26 March 2020

Due to the dramatic decrease in commercial flights around Australia, Wavelink is no longer able to procure air freight services for interstate shipments.

Shipments to;

  • Tasmania will now be via sea
  • Western Australia will now be via train
  • New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia will now be via road haul

The unavailability of overnight deliveries will impact on delivery times and while we apologise for the inconvenience this will cause, it is simply beyond our control. 

We urge all resellers to take these new arrangements into account when planning projects to cater for the additional shipping times.

If there are any genuinely URGENT requirements (for example a hospital requiring equipment that is critical to their functioning) please talk to your channel manager and we will do whatever we can to try and facilitate that request.

25 March 2020

It is still business as usual, at Wavelink, however, there may be longer turnaround times for deliveries due to :

  • International Freight coming in – longer delivery time due to increased movements on UPS Express own planes
  • Australia wide deliveries – TNT use commercial flights, and while it is still business as usual due to limit commercial flights there may be delays in freight movements.  Presently this may be an additional day but it could change.

19 March 2020

We understand how critical it is to maintain operations during the current environment and wanted to provide an update on the actions we are taking to ensure business continuity. The challenges that we face include a rapidly falling $, potential impacts on our supply chain and ensuring we are able to maintain capability to support your needs.


The A$ has fallen 20% against the US$ in 2020 and 15% in the last 2 weeks alone. We are yet to see a bottom, with ongoing daily falls being driven by global events. As such, Wavelink has implemented a new pricing policy which includes a daily review of exchange rates leading to price adjustments (both up and down) on a daily basis if the A$ has moved by more than a fixed amount (both up and down) that day.

Please note that we are reducing the validity of all quotes from 30 to 7 days with immediate effect.

We urge all resellers to use our webstore to access:

  1. Real-time pricing for all products (as well as stock availability)
  2. The ability to download a complete price list showing current pricing at that point in time. Any price adjustments are made in the morning, so please download a price list after midday as required. This can be accessed via the My Account section of the webstore. We are also able to set up csv price feeds which can be downloaded by our partners daily via ftp.
  3. Online quotes – resellers can generate their own quotes, which will reflect current pricing. These can be converted to sales orders at any time via the webstore.

To arrange webstore access or to set up a csv price feed, please contact sales@wavelink.com.au

Supply Chain Update

As previously communicated, the hardware that Wavelink distributes is predominantly manufactured in South East Asia, including in mainland China.

We are pleased to advise that we have not experienced any significant interruptions to the supply of hardware for any of our major vendors. Real-time inventory levels of all hardware items are displayed on our webstore. We also encourage resellers to liaise with the Wavelink sales team on any specific requirements you may have, including for upcoming large opportunities. That way, we can ensure that additional inventory can be ordered on our vendors as required.

Operational Procedures 

We’re open for business!

Our number one priority is ensuring the health and safety of our own and our partners’ employees. You might see less of our team making physical visits for a while, but we have the collaboration tools available, including Webex and Microsoft Teams, to allow virtual meetings to replace physical meetings. Let’s meet!

We are fortunate that Wavelink’s core operating platforms are all cloud-based, enabling all aspects of our company (apart from our physical warehouse) to be performed from anywhere that there is an internet connection. Wavelink staff are equipped to work remotely as required, while maintaining full business continuity, from answering phone calls to our offices through to creating quotes, order processing and dispatch.

These are extraordinary times, with a landscape that is changing daily, if not hourly. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and take additional actions to support updated best practices and guidance from relevant authorities, which will be immediately communicated to you as required.

We are here to help, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us for any assistance that you may require.