Cloud has steadily become a critical part of the business ecosystem. In fact, according to research from IDC, spending on public cloud IT infrastructure surpassed traditional IT infrastructure spending for the first time in 2020.[1] While investment in cloud has been growing for some time, the pandemic has certainly accelerated cloud adoption in some industries.

However, as companies increasingly turn to the cloud to support their organisations, many are failing to consider the potential risks that they may be exposed to in doing so. While many organisations readily invest in enhanced cybersecurity, others remain under the misconception that their cloud platforms are already suitably secure against potential cyber risks.

While cloud is arguably a relatively secure platform, it’s essential to understand that cloud platforms—whether private, public, or hybrid—need additional security to ensure they are adequately protected against external threats. It’s also essential that business leaders understand when they’re investing in cloud vendors and cloud experts, they’re not necessarily investing in security experts.

The (almost) bulletproof silver lining

Fortunately, there are ways to improve your organisational cloud security and protect your business against threats. One of the most efficient ways is by investing in products that are fit for purpose from security specialists—like Fortinet—to protect your various operational cloud environments.

This is especially true for organisations that leverage Microsoft cloud services for their business operations. Microsoft has doubled its local cloud capacity since 2018 and works with organisations across every sector of the Australian economy.[2] Like any virtual platform, Microsoft Azure services must be secured. To keep businesses moving forward, it’s critical that companies leverage security specialists to keep their Microsoft cloud environments secure.

Fortinet offers security solutions for business operating platforms on Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help increase the security of organisational environments, keeping critical business information secure.

While it may not possible to secure business environments against every potential cyberthreat, engaging security specialists and taking appropriate steps to secure your environment can help improve your organisation’s security posture. Fortinet’s FortiMail and FortiCASB solutions are specially designed to help improve threat protection for organisations operating Microsoft Office 365.

Additionally, Fortinet’s FortiGate offering can be leveraged at the front end of your Microsoft Azure cloud environment to protect your organisation against threats, helping to defend Azure servers and stop SQL injections among other risks.

Engaging the services of security specialists like Fortinet to protect cloud environments can help organisations reduce their risks from cyberattacks. For more information on how these solutions can help your business environment, contact Wavelink today.