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The Wavelink team is excited to offer our first in-person two-day free Fortinet technical workshop for our Sydney partners.

The workshop will consist of modules introducing the FortiGate next-generation firewall (NGFW) for those who have not used it before or for those who require a refresher. It will also cover various core security and network components required by businesses and resellers. 

Date: Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 March, 2023
Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm AEDT
Location: Cliftons Margaret Street, 13/60 Margaret St, Sydney NSW 2000

Course overview:

Day 1:  

  • Introduction to FortiGate NGFW – Learn about FortiGate NGFW administration through the command line interface (CLI) and graphical user interface (GUI). You will also backup and restore a configuration file as well as create a new administrator account and modify administrator access permissions.
  • Fortinet Security Fabric – Learn what the Fortinet Security Fabric is, how to configure it, and how to access and understand the physical and logical topology views.
  • Firewall policies – Learn what a firewall policy is and how best to configure them. Perform various tests to confirm that traffic matches the appropriate firewall policies.
  • Web filtering – Learn how web filtering takes place on a FortiGate NGFW and how to configure a web filtering profile. This includes configuring a FortiGuard category-based filter, applying the web filter profile on a firewall policy, testing the configuration, and basic troubleshooting.
  • Antivirus – Learn and examine how to configure, use, and monitor antivirus scanning on FortiGate in both flow-based and proxy-based inspection modes.
  • Application Control – Learn how to monitor and control network applications that may use standard or non-standard protocols and ports beyond simply blocking or accepting a protocol, port number, or IP address.

Day 2: 

  • Logging and monitoring – Learn how a FortiGate NGFW creates logs, what options are available to store logs, both locally and remotely, and how logs allow you to easily identify what actions the FortiGate NGFW has taken for traffic.
  • SD-WAN – Learn how software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) works on a FortiGate NGFW and configure SD-WAN load balancing.
  • VDOMs – Learn and examine how to create a virtual domain (VDOM) and configure an inter-VDOM link.
  • IPsec VPN – Learn and configure site-to-site internet protocol security (IPsec) virtual private network (VPN) tunnels between two FortiGate NGFW devices.
  • Introduction to FortiAnalyzer and FortiManager – Extend the Fortinet Security Fabric with FortiAnalyzer and FortiManager to simplify and reduce administration overhead.

This training will be limited to 12 attendees only, and registration is mandatory. A team member will be in touch to confirm if your registration is successful.

For any additional information, please contact  training@wavelink.com.au. 


This workshop is no longer accepting applications.