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Threat actors often target employees, making them a high priority mark for an attack. To expose vulnerabilities, these bad actors employ phishing emails or drive-by downloads, and they may even try to gain access to facilities by exploiting unsuspecting employees. Without proper training, an unprepared workforce can introduce serious risks.

Fortinet Security Awareness and Training delivers timely and current awareness training on today’s cybersecurity threats. It helps IT, security, and compliance leaders build a cyber aware culture where employees can recognise and minimise the risk of falling victim to cyberattacks.

Join us in this session to explore how Fortinet Security and Awareness Training service, a crucial component of the Fortinet solution, can help your customers develop a cyber aware workforce.

This session is suitable for a sales and management audience.

Event agenda:

  • current and evolving threat landscape affecting email and phishing security
  • Fortinet’s email security platform approach
  • introducing Fortinet Security Awareness and Training – Fortinet’s advanced offering that delivers timely and current awareness training on today’s cybersecurity threats
  • key features of Fortinet Security Awareness and Training
  • Fortinet Security Awareness and Training ordering options, licences, and stock-keeping units (SKUs)
  • where to find further details
  • Q&A.

The top three attendees with the highest engagement will each earn an extra 25 Fabric Ready Rewards points, redeemable for various merchandise or instant cash in the reward store. 

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You’ll hear from:

Kieran O’Brien, Wavelink Fortinet enablement lead

Kieran is Wavelink’s Fortinet enablement lead with more than five years of experience in the IT industry and technical sales. Kieran is Ekahau-certified and is building his Wi-Fi expertise while developing his specialty in the SMB market and secure brand solution. 
Rashid Mohiuddin, Wavelink Fortinet pre-sales lead

Rashid is Wavelink’s Fortinet pre-sales lead in the New South Wales (NSW) and Australian Capital Territory (ACT) regions. With over 14 years of experience in IT and cybersecurity, Rashid has a wealth of expertise in Fortinet solutions, including FortiGate, FortiManager, FortiAnalyser, FortiAP, Secure SD-WAN, and the Fortinet Security Fabric.