Complete your NSE Certifications to Win!
Fortinet Water Bottle
Bose Headphones
Fortinet Water Bottle

How to Enter.

Complete NSE 1, 2 AND 3 to receive a bluetooth water bottle

Complete NSE 4, 5, 6 OR 7 to receive a backpack and VM

To register your certification, redeem your prize and go into the draw for the Bose headphones fill out the form below!

Register Here

T's & C's Apply*

*1. This promotion is for those who complete new certifications only, renewal of a course doesn’t apply
2. To qualify* and go into the draw for a Bose Headphone set you must complete: either the NSE 1,2,3 courses (all done together) or a single NSE4, NSE5, NSE6 or NSE7
3. Water bottles are limited (each quarter) to the first 40 people who meet the qualification criteria and enter their details
4. The Bose Headphone set winner will be drawn at the end of each quarter, and winners announced within seven days of the draw
5. Where no courses are completed within a quarter, there will be no prizes drawn
6. Limit of one water bottle, backpack/VM per person, for the duration of the promotion
7. Limit of one Bose headphone set winner per quarter
8. Promotion ends Saturday, 31 December, 2022