Give Your Sales a Boost with Fortinet & Wavelink in 2022!

Receive Up To 3% in Rebates Quarterly!

Fortinet & Wavelink are giving resellers the opportunity to earn up to 3% in rebates on new deals registered on the Fortinet Portal.

Instantly receive a 2% rebate when you purchase AUD$25k Fortinet gear on a new deal.

Resellers may receive an additional 1% rebate for a Secure SD-WAN opportunity with a minimum of five FortiGates.

Rebates can be paid in either of the following ways:

A credit on your account with Wavelink to use against future purchases

A virtual Mastercard

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The winning participants must accept the FBT terms and conditions outlined as follows:

  1. Wavelink offers no taxation advice and accepts no taxation liability to claimants or their employers arising from or in connection with promotions or any similar incentive, loyalty or reward programs.
  2. Any taxation liability is the sole responsibility of the claimant or its employer, and Wavelink makes no representation that the promotions or any similar incentive, loyalty or reward programs will be taxation free.
  3. It is the responsibility of the claimant to ensure they have permission from their employer to participate in Wavelink incentives, loyalty or rewards programs.

Additional terms and conditions apply, click here for more information.