The demands being placed on businesses today have never been greater. Globalisation, the notion of always-on connectivity - anywhere and anytime, the demands to improve productivity and customer service and increased competition are a few of the pressures facing organisations, both large and small. And these pressures are only going to intensify.

We live in a wireless world. It is not unheard of for users to carry 2, 3 or more different wireless devices. The explosive growth in wireless networks and wireless devices requiring more connectivity, fair airtime access, higher throughput and greater densities is endless.

Workers need to converge their desk phones with their mobile devices and broadcast their current availability to their colleagues and customers. They want to be able to receive faxes to their e-mail and listen to their work voicemails wherever they may be.

The only way for organisations to manage these diverse demands, particularly under increasingly tight budget constraints is via the effective use of leading edge technology. More than just whizz-bang features, this technology needs to deliver benefits to these organisations including lower total cost of ownership, ease of implementation and support and the ability to stay current and grow to match their changing needs.