Spectralink DECT Components

This page shows you how all the Spectralink DECT components fit together. Spectralink DECT wireless handsets, Spectralink DECT servers, Spectralink DECT wired base stations, wireless repeaters and more.

DECT Wireless Handsets

Spectralink DECT offers a wide choice of high quality DECT wireless handsets, providing users with greater flexibility to tailor a solution to match their exact needs. From the robust entry-level 7420 handset, all the way up to the EX rated (intrinsically safe) 7480 for use in potentially explosive environments, there is a handset to suit every user. Importantly, all Spectralink DECT Wireless handsets are able to receive and display SMS text messages.

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Wired Base Stations

  • Range of analogue and IP base stations to suit every application

Wireless Repeaters

  • Supports 2 or 4 simultaneous conversations (repeater dependant)
  • Requires no telephone cabling (local AC power required)
  • Up to three repeaters can be linked in a "multijump" Spectralink DECT multijump
  • Repeaters can be remotely located up to 1km (line of sight) from the main controller (Remote Coverage) Spectralink DECT remote coverage

PABX/VOIP Spectralink DECT Systems

Spectralink DECT Wireless Servers are able to interface to virtually any PABX or IP voice platform, including:

  • Analogue
  • IP (SIP)

Not only do multiple interfaces ensure compatibility with most voice platforms, but this also enables users who upgrade from a traditional PABX to an IP telephony platform to protect their investment in their Spectralink DECT Wireless Servers.

Spectralink DECT Servers

  • Central interface to telephony platform
  • Modular systems - expand with user needs
  • Connects to various text messaging platforms
  • Support external modem for remote programming / diagnostics

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Text Messaging Interface

Interfaces with an almost unlimited choice of messaging platforms, including

  • Paging
  • Nursecall
  • Alarms
  • LAN base messaging

The capability of Spectralink DECT systems to deliver SMS text messages to Spectralink DECT cordless handsets means Spectralink DECT Wireless Servers provide much more functionality than just wireless PABX extensions, providing an integrated wireless voice and messaging solution suitable for almost all industry applications. Text messages can be sent to individuals or groups, alarms can be raised from Spectralink DECT wireless handsets and handsets have the capacity to store SMS messages in memory.