Service Assurance Application Suite

The Most Advanced WLAN Operations Center: Delivering Wireless like Wired™ Reliability



Traditional wireless environments keep IT staff on the defensive, but Meru Service Assurance Management Suite helps you identify and eliminate or mitigate issues before users experience their application-disrupting affects significantly reducing calls to the helpdesk by dissatisfied users and lowering operational costs.


Reduce or even eliminate the need to add staff for wireless LAN management by leaving nothing to chance. Service Assurance Management Suite uses information provided by Meru's virtualized wireless LAN architecture to provide the ability to review what has happened, what is happening, and what may happen over the air and on your wired network.


Meru Service Assurance Management Suite enables you to scale the network and your existing network operations staff by allowing them to tackle problems on the network anywhere and at anytime with previously unimaginable ease. Because Meru Service Assurance Management Suite and the Meru virtualized wireless LAN together form a wireless application delivery platform, you can add business critical applications to every location -from headquarters to remote offices and branch locations - and validate the applications performance without lifting a finger.

Management Applications

Service Assurance Manager
Proactive, network-wide monitoring tackles issues before they affect users

E(z)RF Network Manager
Manage multiple controllers & thousands of access points

E(z)RF Location Manager
Real time location tracking and location firewall

E(z)RF On The Go
Control the network from anywhere through a smartphone

Spectrum Manager
Visualization of impact interference has on wireless network performance

Wired/Wireless Management
Complete visibility over your wired and wireless network

Security & Compliance
Meru's Security solution is a full security management suite for virtualized Wireless LANs.