Security & Compliance

Meru's Security solution is a full security management suite for virtualized Wireless LANs. It combines the proactive protection of a wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) with comprehensive monitoring and verification, offering peace of mind to organizations of all sizes.

Meru's Security solution doesn't just protect a network; it continually and proactively audits the network's security posture against best practices and policies. This helps customers achieve compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council and other regulations. With the inherent security built into Meru's architecture, enterprises of all kind rely on Meru to handle data that needs to be kept private and secure.


Key Features

Security: Intrusion Prevention

Meru's Security solution features extensible WIPS solution, able to recognize threats and then mitigate them before they can do any harm. Its built-in database includes signatures for 20 common wireless security threats as well as a simple way for network managers to add more. The action taken upon detection of a threat is fully customizable, as are the reports that the system can automatically generate using its full logging capability. Learn More.

PCI Compliance

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) mandates a minimum layer of protection and a set of best practices that everyone must follow who processes, transports or stores credit and debit card information. Meru helps reduce the risk of a security breach, protecting customer and employee personal information by extending security to the wireless. Then Meru goes further, offering physical security that prevents outsiders from even knowing the network exists. Attackers who still try to get in are blocked before they connect. And once legitimate users have connected, the Virtual Port gives each device its own personalized firewall for fine-grained access control. Meru also makes it easy to follow PCI best practices with Meru Compliance Manager, which enables comprehensive PCI auditing while E(z)RF Network Management offers network administrators a global view of multi-site networks from a single console. Learn More.

Security & Compliance Datasheet