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Almost overnight, mobile devices and applications have changed the way all kinds of organizations operate, creating new challenges for IT departments. In response to the demands of device users and the cost and efficiency benefits mobility offers, large enterprises are rapidly transitioning to all wireless communication. And IT organizations are confronted with new challenges to meet the increasing number of devices and media-rich applications.

Wavelink and Meru Networks can help you overcome these challenges. Meru delivers virtualized wireless LAN solutions—based on the industry’s most advanced architecture, MobileFLEX, that deliver reliable, secure, cost-effective wireless connectivity to handle the density and device diversity of today’s bring-your-own-device (BYOD) networks.

Discover the Meru Difference

Meru Wi-Fi infrastructure is built from the ground up to support high-user density, extremely mobile users, and business-critical voice, video, and data applications. It's an all-wireless network that delivers a consistent, interactive experience for all users—no matter what applications they are running, no matter what device they use and no matter how many other users are on the network.

With Meru products and solutions, organizations can:
  • Provide secure access for all users and guests and deal with increasing capacity demands brought on by the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) phenomenon
  • Deliver consistent, high-quality mobile services, so network users can work productively
  • Ensure business applications run reliably over the network, delivering predictable access

Discover Meru

Wireless LAN
Designed for high density and seamless mobility.
BYOD & Guest Access
Simplify device provisioning on any network.

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Meru Product Portfolio Brochure

Meru product solutions are designed specifically for midsized to large organizations where high volumes of traffic and essential applications depend on wireless networks.

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IDC Tech Spotlight: The Promise of 802.11ac

Download the IDC Tech Brief to learn about the benefits and challenges of deploying 802.11ac in high-density, mobile environments.

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