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Please fill out the below application as an expression of interest to become one of our Resellers. Once submitted, a member of our sales team will be in touch to discuss the opportunity further.

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Product Categories

Below is the range of product categories that Wavelink offers. Please select the product categories that your company is interested in.

Please note:

  • To become a Reseller of certain product categories, there are requirements for staff members to become certified in those product ranges. Wavelink offers training courses for people to become certified. To find out when training courses will take place, check out our Training Calendar.
  • To become a Reseller of certain product categories, it may be mandatory to purchase Demonstration Equipment before or at the time of your third system purchase order placed with us. For more information on Demonstration Equipment Pricing and Terms Click Here.


Certified Product Categories Certification Required Demonstration Equipment Requirements Product Interest
Spectralink DECT Systems Minimum of 1 technical resource certified in each or either stream (IP and/or Analogue) Mandatory
Spectralink Wi-Fi Devices Minimum of 2 sales people and 1 technical resource certified in Wireless Specialisation Mandatory
Fortinet WLAN/ Guest Management Minimum of 1 technical resource certified Mandatory
Extreme Networks Mandatory Recommended
Digium Switchvox UC Solutions Minimum of 2 sales people DCSP-Certified and 1 technical resource DCSE-Certified Mandatory
Lightspeed Systems Recommended Mandatory (provided)
Polycom Soundpoint, Soundstation and Microsoft CX Solutions No certification required Recommended


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