Your workforce. Just better.

Navigating new technology with an ever-changing landscape is challenging for anyone. Taking care of patients while doing this can be overwhelming. Mastering the trick of finding technology that works for you is key. Typically, customers find themselves a disciple to constant integration issues and the never-ending upgrade cycles. Get the blend of technology tools that is just right for you and your teams.

Get straightforward, context-based information with our systems. From the bedside to the back office, have what you need in the way you need it. Real everyday work to address:


Dynamic. Intuitive. Contextual. Personal.

All on our powerful SERIA middleware platform that readily fits into your technical ecosystem today and naturally grows with you over time as things evolve.

  • Know patients and staff are safe and secure
  • Understand patient status and know who should do what and when
  • Communicate relevant data fast to all necessary parties
  • Keep track of everything - what needs to be done, who did exactly what and when
  • Effectively manage people, places, things and workloads together

We can make your technology decisions easier. Talk to us about our enterprise solution or specific solution modules:

Integrated Communications Platforms - Realtime Location Services - Alerting and Alarming Services - Duress and Critical Incident Management - Tagged and Sensitive Monitoring Equipment - Temperature / Motion / Proximity - Identification and Sensors - Smart Portable Devices - Mobile Devices - Messaging - Collaboration – Wireless


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