SpectraGuard SAFE

SpectraGuard® SAFE (Security Agent For Endpoints) enforces your wireless policies on your endpoints and provides them with wireless protection on office premises, at home or away.

SpectraGuard SAFE Overview

Key Benefits

Protect confidential business data on laptops

Confidential business data often resides on employee laptops. Protect against data leakage when laptops use wireless connections in the office, on the road, at home or at airports.

Protect against brand erosion

Inadvertent leakage of customer or business data residing on employee laptops through wireless connections can lead to significant brand erosion. Traditional anti-virus or endpoint security solutions do not protect against wireless vulnerabilities. Install SpectraGuard SAFE for endpoint wireless security.

Key Features

Prevent wireless vulnerabilities in laptops

  • Prevent connection to unsafe devices/networks.
  • Prevent open, unencrypted, unsecured communication.
  • Prevent unauthorized connectivity (bridging) back through the laptop to the enterprise network.

Centrally enforce wireless policies at work, home or away

  • Centrally configure and manage the wireless connectivity and security policies for all of the laptops in the enterprise.
  • Set up location specific policies for wireless connections when the user is in the office, traveling and at home.

Centralized Reporting

  • Get simple, concise reports on the wireless risk levels of employee laptops with 1-click.
  • View reports on wireless usage and detailed wireless incidents for any laptop.

Easy to deploy and manage

  • SpectraGuard SAFE deployment can be automated for 1000's of laptops using IT asset management systems such as Microsoft SMS or Altiris.
  • SpectraGuard SAFE is easy to manage through SpectraGuard Enterprise Console. Alerts, reports and policies all can be managed for thousands of devices from a single web console.