SpectraGuard Enterprise

Complete wireless security for your network

SpectraGuard Enterprise is a complete, end-to-end wireless intrusion prevention solution (WIPS) that is used today by some of the world's largest enterprise firms. SpectraGuard Enterprise is suitable for customers who want to purchase the wireless security equipment and host it at their site.

Take a proactive approach to wireless security

SpectraGuard Enterprise is the industry's leading wireless intrusion prevention solution (WIPS). Proactively block wireless threats by automatically scanning, detecting and classifying all unauthorized access and rogue traffic to your network with the industry's most robust and accurate wireless security solution.

SpectraGuard Enterprise Overview

Protect your confidential business data

SpectraGuard Enterprise provides complete wireless protection for your corporate network. Traditional firewalls only monitor wired traffic and have no visibility into the wireless traffic that is flowing in the air. SpectraGuard Enterprise continuously scans the airwaves and provides automatic protection against data leakage through a wireless access point.

Assure compliance with data security standards

AirTight SpectraGuard simplifies your compliance initiatives with automated scanning and report generation. Meet your wireless security requirements with user-friendly predefined reports for regulatory compliance standards such as PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), HIPAA, GLBA and DoD Directive 8100.2.

Reduce the cost of managing your wireless network

Wireless network performance and operational issues can happen at any remote location in your global enterprise. SpectraGuard Enterprise provides performance management and knowledge-based troubleshooting features that allow analysis and resolution of remote wireless network issues from a central location. Save time and money by avoiding the need to send network administrators to locations to fix wireless network issues.