AirTight Cloud Services

AirTight Cloud Services are a suite of managed services which adds Wi-Fi access, branded as AirTight Secure WiFi™, to its unique portfolio of on-demand wireless security and compliance solutions.

AirTight is the first to offer hosted, cloud-based, secure Wi-Fi access, PCI scanning, and network security in a single device. For enterprises such as retail, hospitality or quick serve restaurants, AirTight Cloud Services provide a secure, single cell WLAN network with minimum cost and complexity while satisfying all PCI DSS wireless security requirements at no additional expense.


  • Incur no capital expenditures
  • Pay for only the wireless security and Wi-Fi access features required
  • Affordable, predictable total cost of ownership
  • No hardware or software obsolescence
  • Upgrade capabilities with no additional deployment costs.
Cloud Services Capabilities
PCI Wireless Compliance
  • Automated compliance scanning and reporting
  • Real time alerts
Wireless Security Wireless IDS
  • Continuous threat scanning and alerting
  • Performance monitoring
  • Custom reporting
Wireless IPS
  • Continuous threat detection
  • Automated threat blocking
  • Performance monitoring
  • Customized reporting and alerting
AirTight Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi Access
  • Wireless IPS
  • Compliance scanning and reporting
  • Real time alerts